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Scoot Airlines - Singapore | Qantas Rival

Qantas Airlines industrial dispute is showing no signs of slowing down. The controversial decision by CEO Alan Joyce to refocus Qantas airlines towards a new low budget airline in the asian market (RedQ airlines) has been validated by the launch of Singapore Airlines budget low cost carrier Scoot Airlines. The new scoot airline will fly on medium and long-haul routes, Scoot Airlines Singapore including to Australia and China. It will be fully owned by Singapore Airlines, but will be managed independently, and analysts have said the launch of another low-cost budget Asian airline is a direct threat to Jetstar Airways.

Qantas airlines offshoot ( RedQ) has been increasing its focus on north Asia in recent months, and plans to launch a domestic low budget airline in Japan by the end of next year. Singapore Scoot Airlines will also begin flights in 2012. Scoot Airlines It is scoot airlines booking expected to have 14 planes by 2016, with longer-term plans to fly to India, Europe, Africa and the Middle East. Scoot Singapore Airlines announced some months ago that they were planning to launch a new long haul low cost budget airline. When Qantas airlines launched Jetstar airways everyone said it wouldn't work. Qantas Airlines proved that it could work and Jetstar is a very successful arm of Qantas and I think people like Singapore-Scoot Airlines have been looking at some of these airline models.

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