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Scoot Airlines Gold Coast

Australia Gold Coast flights are only 88 dollars and a eight hour flight from Singapore. Scoot Airlines will begin flights in and out of the Gold Coast in June. The carrier has launched with a discounted price offer. The discounted price offer was announced yesterday, which also means that the people of Singapore will be able to fly into the Gold Coast for the same price offer, a move that will stimulate the economy during the regions lower seasons. Scoot Airlines limited pricing offer includes scoot booking taxes and charges and is valid until October 27, or until seats sell out. On June 27 Scoot Airlines the low-cost offshoot of Singapore Airlines will start five direct flights to the Gold Coast in a deal said to be worth 65 million dollars to the local economy.

Scoot Airlines could potentially bring in 104,000 visitors a year to the Gold Coast in an agreement which opens the Gold Coast up to Singapore's large international connections, which include flights to Asia, Europe, USA and the Middle East . Singapore Airlines (SIA) currently flies to 30 countries and 60 cities. It is understood Scoot Airlines is also looking at routes to Taipei, China, Japan and Thailand.Airport boss Paul Donovan from the Gold Coast said the price offer was a win for the city. Paul Donovan said the arrival of Scoot Airlines into the Gold Coast is such a wonderful thing for the city. We have a world class airline (Scoot Airlines) showing some faith in the destination and its airport. Tourism boss Martin Winter (Gold Coast) said the discounted price offer was confirmation of the deal to see the airline fly in and out of the city.

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