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Scoot Airlines China | Honk Kong, Beijing, Guangzhou,Taipei and Xiamen
Scoot Airlines Hong Kong

Scoot airline has confirmed it will fly to China (Scoot Airlines China) and Japan, although Scoot airlines has not yet revealed which cities. It is most likely the first cities in China and its territories would be Honk Kong, Shanghai Beijing, Tianjin, Guangzhou,Taipei and Xiamen . China is massive market for any airline company. The arrival of scoot airlines (China) would no doubt give scoot airlines booking current low budget scoots carrier's skoot already operating in China, a good wake up call. Scoot Airlines planes expand its fleet from four planes to fourteen by 2015 include New Zealand, Europe, Melbourne, North Asia and even the Gulf states turf of Etihad and Emirates. Scoot Airlines China would no doubt be a big player in the Chinese Market 溜走航空公司 中国

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