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Scoot Booking, Singapore SIA Airline SG' new long haul low cost budget airline, has set fire to its hair in the linguistic sense of the Chinese language, which is more than odd given the close relationship between Singapore SIA carrier ( booking) business elite and their counterparts in the PRC.

Scoot Airline tickets in Beijing yesterday announcing online that booking flights between Singapore and Tianjin, not far from the China capital by high speed rail, would be Scoot Airlines Booking third destination from this August after its inaugural flights to Singapore begin in June from Gold Coast and Sydney.

Scoot Air also announced that its name in China would be 酷航 or simply known as Cool Air. Scoot ticket airline Booking is online difficult to to translate into Chinese scoot airlines booking and other online Asian languages, as in 'flee like a thief 'fleeing' the scene of a crime. This is like Qantas Airline booking insisting on calling itself the 'Spirit of Australia' in Japanese language, which translates as the 'ghost of Australia.

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