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Middle East Airlines top global growth in September 2012. According to International Air Transport Association (IATA), carriers in the Middle East saw a tremendous increase in passenger traffic in November, as the demand had gone up by 14.5% annually. This was a decline compared to the 19% increase reported in September; however, the growth difference for September was overstated by the seasonal after-effects as Ramadan reduced traffic growth through September 2011.

In a statement, IATA said that the November capacity went up by 11.4%, and the load factor fortified to 78.9%.
Middle East airways saw an increase of 16.4% in cargo traffic on a 7% increase in capacity in November, driving up the load factor 3.8% points to 46.3%. Internationally, IATA said a sustained slowdown in traffic growth was seen in November.  Demand for commuter traffic was beyond the level of November 2011 by 4.4%. Conversely, Air cargo demand growth was down at 0.8%.

The annual comparisons are currently beginning to display a slow growth rate. In November, passenger travel went up 4.3% on a year ago, down on the 5.7% annual growth rate in September. This was substantially below the 9% average growth rate seen all through the first 6 months of the year. IATA’s director general and CEO, Tony Tyler said carriers in Latin America, China and the Middle East were progressing strongly whereas Europe’s airways were undergoing growth with no profits in a tactic to handle taxes and high fixed costs.

Tony Tyler went on to say that it was a tough year, setting aside regional diversity,  the fact that airways are earning revenues at all with weak markets, and increased fuel prices is an accolade to their solid business performance. This was evident as load factors were maintained close to 84% since the beginning of 2012.  On top of that, airways are expected to economize on only 0.8% of the global net profit margin.

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