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A recent study has shown that, airways lose a lot of luggage during the holidays than any other time. However, they are not to be blamed entirely for the loss as passengers also tend to lose their possessions on planes and in airports all year round. For instance, the lost-and-found department at the Portland International Airport logged almost 17,040 misplaced items, in 2011.

This year alone, passengers have lost just as many items and the vacation travel season has not yet begun. Commuters either in their rush to catch their flights or out of sheer exhaustion get distracted, and end up leaving behind items such as mobile phones, laptops, chargers and even eyeglasses. The airport’s spokesperson, Kama Simonds told NBC News that some of the objects that had been turned in included dentures, live fish in water and a spare tire.

The San Diego International Airport database has logged in items such as handcuffs, a piñata, a colander and a poster of a U-boat along with many other items waiting to be claimed by their owners. Spokesperson, Laura Coale, said that some of the objects left behind at the Denver International Airport included a 61-inch flat screen TV, and chainsaws. She added that if an object has a name or state listed on it, normally they conduct a search, and if a mobile phone is unlocked, they call the last number as well as look for an emergency contact number.

Coale said that normally, they will do their level best to contact owners to give them their items. Airports and airways normally retain an item for a specific period of time that they have set. For instance, Southwest Airways says that they usually spend 32days locating a passenger’s lost item, and if they are unable to find the owner of a found object, it is “salvaged” and all takings are donated to charity. Denver International Airport puts lost items in storage for 31 days after which, if an item has not been claimed, then they donate clothing items to the Denver Human Services, and other items are auctioned.

Airport representatives say that it is important to act fast on realizing that you have left behind an item on a plane or at the airport. Items left on planes are normally delivered to the airways and in some airports such as Portland International, found items are taken to one central office. Passengers can file claims by either calling the airport or through e-mail. Sites like displays details of many lost items. Research results are pulled out of multiple databases of many airports and airways. On finding your item, the site then makes arrangements on how you can get it back.

During the holiday travel season, passengers should be keen not to leave behind their items. And incase they do, the best thing to do is to file a claim immediately in order to get a fast response, and by doing so, they could recover their item within a short time.

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