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Indonesia's largest private airlines Lion Airlines has committed to order 230 Boeing 737 aircraft with a value of 21.7 billion dollars at list prices. The deal when finalised will be the largest commercial aircraft order ever in Boeing's history in terms of dollar volume and total number of airplanes. The order includes 201 of the redesigned Boeing 737 MAX jets and scoot airlines booking 29 Next-Generation Boeing 737-900 ER jets or extended range airplanes.

Boeing Aviation and Lion Airlines are working to finalise details of the agreement, which will then be a firm order posted on the Boeing Aviation Orders ( scoot airlines ) and Deliveries website. Lion Airlines will also acquire purchase rights for an additional 150 aircraft valued at more than 14 billion dollars if exercised at list prices. This will bring the potential total value of the order to 35 billion dollars.

Boeing Aviation previous order record was set on Sunday, when Dubai's Emirates airlines finalized an order to purchase 50 long range, twin-engine 737-300 ER jets for about 18 billion dollars at list prices. The order also includes an option for an additional 20 of the popular twin-aisle commercial jetliners for about 8 billion dollars.

The 737 MAX will be the future of Lion Airlines. The highly efficient, technologically advanced aircraft will help Lion Airlines continue to bring low budget fares and allow us to open new destinations because of the longer range of the aircraft.

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