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Sydney, 15 April 2012 ( Scoot News). Scoot Airlines plans to impliment routes/desinations to the USA. Scoot airlines booking has announced today April 15 2012 that it will fly to the USA. The destination cities are unclear at the moment , but likely cities would include Los Angles, New York, Miami and Hawaii. Scoot airlines will face tough competition in the USA (North Amercia Market). There are more LCC's in the USA than anywhere in the world. There is a new shift into LCC's Scoot Airlines Singapore as asian carriers plan to dominate the market in this arena.

The asian LCC domination can be seen by current and future LLC carrier emerging on the scene. AirAsiax, Jeststar Asia, Peach Air are just some of the airlines flighting for a piece of the pie. This year 2012 will see a few more low cost carrier emerge on the LCC market, such as Scoot Airlines and Thai Smile Airlines. While the asian market is huge the USA (North Amercia Market) cannot be ignored. New York and Los Angles are the busiest airport is North America, with millions of passengers passing through these destinations.

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