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Scoot Airlines to bring Boeing 787 Dreamliners to Gold Coast and Sydney. Singapore Airlines budget low-cost carrier Scoot Air is sure to fly its advanced Boeing 787-9s to Gold Coast and Sydney as early in April..

The great trek from Scoot airways currently ageing Boeing 777-200 planes to the all new dreamy Dreamliners
will be a better substantial upgrade with the Boeing 787 offering a quieter and smoother ride with more comfort and less jetlag.

The carrier has also outfitted its new jets with new business class seats and inflight Internet. Speaking on the behalf of Scoot Airlines inaugural Boeing 787 flight from Seattle to Singapore, Scoot Aiways CEO Campbell Wilson mentioned that flights to start on the 787-9s timetable was dependent upon how quick Boeing delivers the new jets and could end up in May rather than April.

At present Scoot Airlines cannot give specific dates as to when these flights will start and they simply do not know. Lots of parts coming from different places and Scoot is dependant on Boeings schedule overall. You cannot rush building jets.Sydney will be given a third Boeing 787 to join Scoot airways fleet of planes and a fourth jet to be given to the Gold Coast.

Scoot Air is expected to be flying an all Dreamliner fleet around the middle of this year 2015, with its new Melbourne-Singapore route destination also seeing the Boeing 787 in late November.Scoot airlines first Dreamliner made its debut on 05/02/2015 on the TZ8 from Singapore to Perth route..

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